About Breakaway Pointe

Breakaway Pointe was birthed through prayer by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and developed with a multitude of counselors. No one person can take the credit for BP. The Lord placed ideas and plans into numerous people who were willing to work together in countless ways so that a great transitional living community could be established for its residents.

Participants arrive here with various circumstances, therefore each man has an individualized plan to fit his specific needs and abilities. Some come to us after graduating from a Christian based drug and alcohol program, others arrive after incarceration, and some may simply need someone to teach them a job trade and another may need life skills in order to live independently. One may be able to read while another cannot. The stories and needs are different, but they all have common ground. The common factor is every participant here needs a positive community and a clean start.

Here at Breakaway Pointe we help men to lay hold of the new beginning. We teach men how to build not only new homes, but also to re-build their lives upon a good strong foundation, one where Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone. Any other foundation doesn’t hold up when the storms of life come.

Everyone here has experienced a time when they too had to rebuild. Every staff member and mentor here is a living testimony of the power of Jesus Christ to transform a life once an individual begins to build upon Him. It is our prayer that our graduates’ lives will testify to this truth, with the physical evidence of a life well-built from this point forward. May God be glorified in the work of their lives and in this place.

Our Vision

The vision of Breakaway Pointe (BP) is to restore men from a position of brokenness to productive members of society.

Luke 2:52 And Jesus grew in wisdom, in stature and in favor with God and man.

Our Mission

BP seeks to provide training in life, job skills, and personal relationships as well as promote spiritual and personal growth. Participants graduate fully capable of living purposeful and productive lives.

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work heartily, us unto the Lord and not unto men.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help men develop a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to see their lives changed as they learn to walk through life with him as Lord. Here healthy relationships are formed because Christian discipleship is a large part of the restoration process for our residents.

Our Values

We value truth in every situation and desire to honor God’s Word to the best of our ability.

We value every unique individual and are committed to treating others with dignity and respect.

We value genuine caring relationships and will help develop them in and with those around us.

We value redemption, reconciliation and restoration. We are committed to helping our participants experience all three of these with God, self, others, and their resources.

We value our communities and are committed to serving them and to being a positive influence in our neighborhoods.

We value children. Therefore we are committed to helping the next generation by living an exemplary life of integrity and responsibility with respect and concern for others.

We value life and are committed to helping people live life to the fullest through Jesus Christ the Life Giver!